Sandbag Movements

Sandbag Cleans

Sandbag Cleans

Sandbag Clean with Julien Pineau and Richard Aceves

0:08 Steps to the Sandbag Clean

0:25 First part: Lapping the sandbag

0:42 Second part: The clean

0:58 Hinge (Internal Torque movement) into External Torque

1:28 What do we not want to see?

2:38 Don’t curl the “clean”

Sandbag Squats with Dr Sara Solomon

Sandbag Squats with Dr Sara Solomon

In today’s video, I show you

1️⃣ how to sandbag squat

2️⃣ how to get better at doing many sandbag squats in a row.

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Sandbag Grace

Sandbag Grace

A Crossfit classic with a twist - 30 Sandbag Clean and Jerk for time; during the Coaches Week in Utrecht September 2017.

0:30 The sandbag clean and jerk broken down

2:12 The start of “Grace”

7:19 The end of “Grace

Sandbag Carry

Sandbag Carry
Sandbag carries are a simple yet effective way to build up core strength. To execute is very simple.
1.- Pick up sandbag of desired weight, this is where you can challenge yourself a little bit.
2.- Hug the sandbag pushing it against your lower belly.
3.- Walk as far as you can with it. We recommend varying the weight and lengths of the carries to make it as much fun as possible.